After School


Nature Connection Program!

Primary School Aged Children 6 - 12 Years

1 and a half hour After School 4 Week Course is designed for primary aged children aged 6 - 12 years to embrace the Great Outdoors and allow them to engage with their senses as they touch, smell, see, and hear a whole plethora of natural wonders!


Hidden Valley provides a unique opportunity for primary school aged children to be surrounded with the marvels that the landscape offers and invites children to be spontaneous, be creative with our fun craft sessions, engage in social interactions while forming a connection with nature and animals.

What to Expect

Each week’s session brings children closer to nature, animals and creativity allowing children aged 6 - 10 years, to explore and enjoy the great outdoors!​


  • Every week is a new experience. We may create an exciting art project utilising naturally found treasures, or patting and learning about a new animal. Perhaps we're seeding plants in the vegetable garden to watch, grow and harvest along the way.


  • Weekly activities will be dependent on weather for the safety and comfort of the children and animals. Poor weather redirects us to exciting and creative indoor activities.

  • Structured outdoor nature-play is proven to have valuable benefits, improving both physical and mental health while providing new learning opportunities.