Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Bring my 2.5 year old to the Playgroup?

Yes! We have had quite a few 2 - 2.5 Year Olds attending! We suggest 3 - 5 Years as some of the craft activities, and animals interactions may be more difficult, and therefore, require more parental assistance for younger children. If you feel that your little ones will love, enjoy and participate in the session we are more than happy to have them! 

What should I bring to each session?​ 

Children can get dirty due to having fun outdoors, meeting animals and craft projects. Therefore gumboots, wet weather gear such as waterproof pants and raincoats in Winter are suggested.  It is advised in warmer weather to wear Sun hats, sunscreen, insect repellent, and to drink plenty of water.


What is Supplied?

An exclusive "Hidden Valley Farm Passport" is provided to each child on their first session of the courses. This passport is taken to each session. It keeps track of the fantastic craft your child has made in the craft session and records the animals that have been met. Will you be a frequent flyer by the end of the Semester?

We provide an abundance of craft supplies ranging from glitters, paint to goggle eyes and pipe cleaners!​


How much does a course cost?

The upcoming course dates will be posted in the the Book Online tab.

 What if my child is sick?

If you or your child is unwell, please let me know via call or text as soon as possible. Please do not come to the session for the safety and wellbeing of others.

What happens during poor weather?

Sessions will run through all-weather to encourage children to appreciate, have fun, and be active! The focus of each week's session will be dependent on the weather for the safety and wellbeing of the children and the animals. In good weather, expect to get creative outdoors and meet our lovely outdoor animals, and in more unfavourable weather be ready to get crafty and imaginative inside!

What if the facilitator (Yasmine) is sick?

In the unlikely event that I am unable to run a session, I will get into contact with parents as soon as possible. A make up shift will be provided if there is availability in other sessions. Otherwise, a full refund for the missed session will be provided.