Hidden Valley Farm Playgroup 3 - 5 Years

Unique weekly outdoor adventures, craft activities, and animals experiences 

Hidden Valley Farm Playgroup is based in the Berwick/Harkaway area. We focus on connecting children aged 3 - 5 years to the natural Australian bush and animals through exploration, craft, and meeting animals face-to-face in our 1 hour 15 minutes Playgroup classes. 

We have had quite a few 2-2.5 Year old attending! We suggest 3 - 5 Years as some of the craft activities, and animals interactions may be more difficult, and therefore, require more parental assistance for younger children. However, if you feel that your little ones will love, enjoy and participate in the session we are more than happy to have them! 

Our Playgroup creates a safe and positive space for children to explore, develop and grow while sharing a fun new experience with you. Hidden Valley’s fun and educational Playgroup encourages children to learn and explore nature, animals, and think outside the box in our craft sessions.

What to Expect

Each week’s session will bring children closer to nature, animals and creativity and allow them to explore and enjoy the great outdoors! We have structured our Playgroups for children aged 3-5 years.​

  • Every week is a new experience. We may create an exciting art project utilising naturally found treasures, or patting and learning about a new animal. Perhaps we're seeding plants in the vegetable garden to watch, grow and harvest along the way.


  • Weekly activities will be dependent on weather for the safety and comfort of the children and animals. Poor weather redirects us to exciting and creative indoor activities.


  • A consistent group of children can encourage communication and development of important social skills; setting the basis for further growth and beneficial friendships.

  • Meeting animals, learning about their needs and how to look after them can teach children lifelong skills about respect, patience and responsibility.

  • We provide a safe, thriving and encouraging environment for children to learn, with a variety of toys and equipment.

  • We encourage children to play outside, get hands-on and enjoy nature.​

  • Under fives are undergoing rapid stages of brain and skill development. We provide a unique learning environment to encourage optimum growth and development.

  • Nature playtime has been proven by numerous International Studies to be beneficial to increased healthy brain growth.