I created Hidden Valley Farm Play, a community where children can connect to nature,

animals and craft, and disconnect from iPads and electronics. A place where children

can meet beautiful miniature goats while making fantastic fizzing natural bath bombs!


Hidden Valley Farm Play provides unique experiences for children to learn about

respecting and loving animals, creating crafts from the Aussie bush and enjoying time in

the great outdoors!


We offer Playgroup Courses for young children three to five years,

After School Nature Connection Programs for primary school-aged children, and even Party Hire!


Each session is new and exciting and can range from creating natural lip balm, to

leaf monsters or feeding and patting our lovely mini animals include goat, sheep, pony

and more.


We aim to encourage children to learn about all aspects of animals. We even

have provided live demonstrations of Buttons the sheep being shorn for Summer, an

experience that is unique to Hidden Valley! Our sessions encourage children to develop

a lifelong love of nature and animals.

Our Programs